Dangerous Diets – Stay Away From These

Everybody who has ever had a weight problem has, at one time or another, tried to diet the weight away.

We’ve all done it and almost without exception we’ve all had at least one failed attempt to lose weight this way and while there are some good diet programs available there is also an awful lot of rubbish, much of it promoted on the internet, and a great deal of it just downright dangerous.

I can’t write about all the dangerous diets on this page but I can give us some insights as to what to avoid when considering a diet plan in our own effort to lose weight.

Here are some things we need to be careful of when deciding to diet our way to weight loss. Very Low Calorie Diets, Long Term Fasting, Starvation Diets.​

When we put yourself through the rigours of Very Low Calorie Diets, Long Term Fasting or Starvation Diets we will certainly lose weight, especially if we stick to it for a while however the weight we lose will include a significant percentage of muscle which, in turn, will lower our metabolism and cause our body to retain a higher percentage of fat thereby increasing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes amongst other conditions.

We’ll find in our research references to the ABC Diet, also known as “Anorexics Boot Camp” which is just this type of “starvation” diet, very dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.

Anorexia is an illness not a diet and it’s a very serious illness at that, not to be messed with as it can cause all manner of permanent damage to our bodies.

No-one with any sense at all wants to risk things like a heart attack, a brain shutdown or colossal failure of the liver or the pancreas or the stomach just to lose a few kilos.

This is one “diet” which is extremely dangerous.

The K-E Diet [and others like it].

The K-E Diet, more properly known as the Ketogenic Enternal Nutrition diet is a dangerous fad diet during which the dieter does not eat or drink for a period of 10 days but instead is “fed” through a tube inserted via the nostril.

Very popular with brides to be in some countries it apparently does cause some rapid weight loss, as, I guess, you would expect from not eating for 10 days, but apart from the inconvenience of having to carry a bag of fluid around with you 24/7 with a tube stuck up your nose there are some very real health risks associated with this fad diet.

The least of these health concerns may be things like bad breath, lack of energy and some bad constipation, the more serious may cause kidney failure,  the possibility of infection caused by sticking a tube up your nose and potential future eating disorders as your body decides its easier to get it’s food this way.

The K-E Diet, stay away from it.

Supplements That Make Hard-To-Believe Promises.   We’ve heard it before from any number of sources about all sorts of things, 11 little words that we all need to take notice of.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Companies that make prescription drugs have to prove that they work and that they are safe to take.

They must satisfy the relevant authorities that their products are effective for doing the job that they are being advertised to do.

For example, if you take a tablet to control diabetes the company that manufacture that drug must put it through rigorous testing to prove to the governments of the world that it will control diabetes as stated on the packaging and won’t cause any major or unknown side effects.

Not so with weight loss supplements.

The manufacturers of these weight loss supplements don’t have to prove anything to anybody before they can sell you their product.

Another thing to be wary of is the claim that the product is “all natural” or contains nothing artificial, this doesn’t make it safe to take or effective for controlling our weight. After all, if we think about it there are a zillion things that occur naturally in this world that will kill us almost instantly.

Just remember: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


One very good definition of purging as found in most good dictionaries is “to clear or empty (the bowels) by causing evacuation.”

Making ourselves vomit after eating, over using laxatives to empty our bowels and chewing food but not actually swallowing it are all behaviours which are associated with purging.

These behaviours are not uncommon amongst young women in particular, can pose some very serious health risks and are often the beginning to the development of unhealthy eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Also associated with purging could be the damage caused by the regurgitation of our very strong stomach acid, burning the throat and mouth and causing some tooth decay if we do it often.

Purging by induced vomiting or the use of strong laxatives is no way to lose weight, it’s just not worth it.

Over Exercising.

Over exercising is not really a diet but is worth a mention here.

When you watch some of the “reality” shows on television and you see obese people being encouraged to exercise to their absolute limits it’s important to realise first of all that they are doing so to make “good” television and secondly that they are very well supervised.

In the real world, that’s the world that you and I live in, extreme exercising is not only foolish but extreme exercise can be extremely dangerous.

When we push our bodies to do things which they are not accustomed to doing we increase the opportunity for us to injure ourselves, often severely, we increase the amount of wear on our joints, we probably add extra strain to our tendons and ligaments, we risk things like dehydration and so on.

There are also psychological implications such as thinking of exercise as punishing ourselves for over eating.

A healthy weight loss programme does include exercise but it’s healthy exercise as recommended by our relevant health professionals such as our dietician, our medical doctor and our qualified personal trainer.

Becoming obsessed with extreme exercise is counterproductive in the long run, is unlikely to become a permanent part of our weight loss regime and may cause us more harm than good.

Weight Loss Drugs.

Again not really a diet but worth mentioning, taking weight loss drugs which are not prescribed by our health professionals can and often do have very serious consequences.

The potential damage which we can suffer by using such things as cigarettes as a substitute for food in order to lose weight is incalculable and taking drugs which have been prescribed for some other condition is risking severe problems with our health, both physical and mental.

The bottom line here is be sensible, if we need to use drugs like PhenQ to help us with our weight loss make sure we get them prescribed for us for that specific purpose.   As I said at the beginning of this page there are too many dangerous diets for me to mention here but if we are wise and listen to the voice of reason which we all have we can avoid those things which will do us more harm than good and we can lose all the weight we want to lose in a safe and healthy way.

Do yourself a favour and check with your medical professional before embarking on any weight loss diet, it is the only sensible thing to do.